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How to structure yourself to work

Working during a pandemic can be tough, here are some ways to help you

The pandemic brought upon anxiety and uncertainty and in this time, many students lost the will to study online education isn’t nearly as effective as on-campus classes, isolation can lead to worry some thoughts about the future which is a wastage of time and energy; however, here are some tips to help you work and focus

Firstly with this isolation, we humans need to function properly and try to minimize its effect, which can dine by staying connected with your loved ones even with physical distance, through messaging, interactive online games, video calls, to keep your self busy try out a new hobby like learning an instrument or even exercising, and one of the important things to remember right now is that you need to keep you and your family safe by taking care of your health

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Now coming to how to encourage yourself to work. Take a logical approach before studying ask yourself why are you studying, would this benefit you? How important is it to you? Taking the logical approach it is also pertinent that you set out tasks that easy to achieve throughout the day because by setting unrealistic goals like studying 8 hours per; you’re bound to give up.

Structuring your schedule and creating an encouraging work environment can lead to exceptional results. Start your day with a task you enjoy the most or keep that as a ‘reward’ for yourself, it depends on you on which approach you want to go with, you have to find learning methods that work the best for you. Making a time table or a to-do list can give one the satisfaction of ‘completion of a task’

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Creating a healthy environment is important for one to study, try to study in another room than your bedroom and then clear out all distractions for a while like one’s phone. At the end of a few studying sessions it is important to make sure you’re absorbing this information; quiz yourself, do past papers, think about what you just study, just go over it once in your mind.

In the end, it is important to remember that each individual responds to different methods and you have to find yours

Associate professor and researcher Lucas Matias Jeno investigates teaching and learning and this article was written with the help of his research.

Reported by: Zarrish

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