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Is it finally achieved? Quantum supremacy.

In quantum computing, quantum supremacy or quantum benefit is the aim of showcasing that a programmable quantum device fixes an issue better than a classical computer and in lesser time.

     Google, NASA, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have shown the potential to compute much faster than even the supercomputers. This is termed quantum supremacy.

Credits: technologyreview.com

     IBM and Google used a type of qubit(information is computed in these cubits) in their quantum processors. Scientists are still on the lookout for the ideal qubit, one that can be exactly measured and monitored while remaining unaffected by its surroundings.

Credits: fortune.com

The nanoscale superconductor, insulator Josephson junction is an important part of a superconducting qubit. A tunnel junction consisting of two bits of superconducting metal separated by a very thin insulating barrier is known as a Josephson junction. Aluminum oxide is the most common insulator.

Tunneling faults in aluminum oxide and superconductor surfaces are a major source of variations and energy losses in superconducting qubits, reducing the computer’s run-time. According to the researchers, cubit performance is largely affected by material defects.

Credits: wired.co.uk

  According to a professor at NUST MISIS, who was the co-author of this research, a sensor is considered to be high functioning qubit that can detect individual defects. The traditional material for structure analysis is small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). These are available but the problem is that they are not as sensitive. Hence unable to detect minute individual defects. According to the researchers, the study will enable quantum material spectroscopy to further examine and determine the structure of tunneling defects and create low-loss dielectrics. This step is of high significance to the development of superconducting computers.

Reported by: Daud

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