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Tesla v 11 software leaks in look inside refreshed Model S test vehicle

Recently, Tesla S model’s pictures were captured. The most interesting new feature is perhaps the new version of Tesla’s software, expected to be known as the new “Tesla v11”. This is not the first time Tesla introduced a software into their vehicles, Tesla is constantly evolving their vehicles with latest technologies and features, to make them better suited for customers worldwide. But this time, Tesla has introduced a bigger update-it has combined several new features into a new version of its software altogether.

In September 2019, viewers were delighted to see Tesla v10, a software with Caraoke, Tesla theatre and UI changes, which were added to the existing car free of cost. As the automaker is due for a new version now, getting a glimpse of the refreshed Model S test vehicle is somewhat exciting. In January, we saw how Tesla introduced the refreshed version of Model S and Model X, these newer versions were updated with new screens and different aspect ratios. Tesla’s new software update is logical considering the fact that the automaker will have to adjust its user interference for them regardless.

Credits: dapplife.com

   A new kind of app is also visible on the launcher screen on closer inspection with a media app and navigation widget. At the bottom, there is a Tesla redesigned the climate control bottom and a redesigned version of Tesla’s a new design of Tesla’s quick control screen.

In the refreshed version of the Model S and Model X, Tesla changed the size of the instrument cluster, which will certainly come with a tweaked UI.

Credits: redmondpie.com

  In the options, we can see a Drag Strip Mode, which apparently is associated with Launch Mode. In addition, Tesla also featured something called Smart Shift, which we believe is Tesla’s new specification for the regulation of drive modes automatically through detecting the situation using none other than the Autopilot/Full Self-Driving system, which in turn, can be used to replace the drive stalk. Not surprisingly, the Media On Drive button appears to enable playing media while driving, which could be related to the updated second-row screen available in new version of Tesla.

Reoprted by: Zarrish

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