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Apple fined by a Brazilian company for excluding the charger

Apple claims that removing the chargers will be environmentally friendly

The Brazilian consumer protection regulator based in São Paulo state, Procon-SP just fined Apple $2 million for excluding the charger and earphones in the recent iPhone 12 series. According to 9to5 mac report; the company took this action because of they claimed the advertisement to be miselading and duping them into buying a device that did not have a charger. The entire deal was unfair in that regards.

Credits: mensxp.com

Apple claims that removing the chargers will be environmentally friendly but they didn’t demonstrate this to the consumer protection company, furthermore when asked by a company that if the price will be reduced, since components of the box already being emitted out, iPhone failed to response

Credits: hauteliving.com

Aside from the charger issue, the complaint claims that iPhone had misleading advertisements given that Apple didn’t repair phones which had problems with water, this was a common complaint amongst the iPhone 11 pro users, furthermore, some users faced problems when they updated their devices but Apple seemed to ignore that too.

Credits: mensxp.com

 Fernando Capez is executive director of Proton Sp. He stated that Apple should understand that Brazil has strong laws in regards to the protection of custormers and these laws have to be respected by  them. Considering that Apple earned $111.4 billion in revenue within three months into 2020, including the sale of iPhone 12 models, this fine shouldn’t be much of a bother to Apple. Apple is yet to respond to the fine.

Reported by: Ehtisham

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