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Waqar Zaka Creates Pakistan’s First Hydro-Powered Crypto Mining Farm

New Crypto Mining Farm in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Powered by Hydroelectricity

The advancement of cryptocurrency in the technological and digital world is sweeping the globe off of its feet, with many countries welcoming and band-wagoning on this establishment. Though the State Bank of Pakistan declared in 2018 that cryptocurrency was not to be considered a legal means of trade, development and promotion of this new currency is still openly found within Pakistan.

Credit: quora.com

The largest advocate of cryptocurrency as of yet is Waqar Zaka, television host of ‘Living on the Edge Champions’ and NED University of Engineering and Technology graduate. For the past three years he has made it clear to the people and government of Pakistan that cryptocurrency should not be ignored but embraced, and has now built Pakistan’s first hydro-powered crypto mining farm in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This farm is located within the wilderness of KP for abundant water flow.

A recent tour of the hydropower setup was done and a video posted on Waqar Zaka’s Facebook. This entire mining farm was funded solely through his own finances as he said in a statement;

“All I used is my money for this technology setup without any foreign fundings.”

Credit: urdupoint.com

With the creation of this hydro-powered mining farm, Waqar Zaka hopes to bring Pakistan onto the list of most developed countries in the world.

He has been using his social media to further promote and encourage the use of cryptocurrency in Pakistan. He created a free online course to help users understand how to earn and use cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin. He readily supports the use of bitcoin and uses his social media to spread the word on its advantages and enhance its publicity. He has even offered his own sources to help establish cryptocurrency in Pakistan.

Credit: propakistani.pk

His efforts have not gone in vain, as he has created a movement and a political party. The movement is ‘Technology Movement Pakistan’ which aims at shaping a more technologically advanced Pakistan. The political party is Tehreek-e-Technology Pakistan. So far, an internet-based revolution has been promised from this party for advancements in the country. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also to launch a crypto-advisory committee to monitor and maintain the use of cryptocurrency.

Reported By: Ehtisham

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