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How to Stop Negative Thoughts?

Stopping the cycle of vicious thinking

I wish there were hard and fast rules to deal with negative thoughts or loop thinking but unfortunately, there isn’t but all one can do is try

Wishing persistently you behaved different in a situation, or constantly asking yourself why did that one specific event occur in your life, can lead to wastage of precious time and every and can take a toll on one’s mental health, this ‘habit’ is called loop thinking. One can feel trapped in their own thoughts and feel like ‘it’s the end of the world’ especially considering the pandemic.

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To alleviate your anxiety and stress, one needs to break out of loop thinking and different ways will work for different people

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Firstly one can distract themselves through whatever means; socializing, adopting a new skill, exercise, or even meditation. At some point in one’s life, they need to deal with their experiences, this can be done with seeking professional help, taking it out with a friend, or having an honest conversation with one’s selves. It is proven that self-help books/videos/posts can help a person a lot, because while nobody is exactly going through what you went through, the feeling is the same and it is comforting knowing that you’re not alone

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As generic as it sounds, there always is a bright side, so ask yourself ‘what did you learn’ or did this specific experience ‘helped you grow?’. Last but not the least, remember that you are in control, and it’s only in your hands to get better, whether it’s with the help of friends, professional help, self-help books/videos, or even just you. In the end, it’s your will to get better One important thing to remember is that don’t be afraid to unload, don’t feel the need to bottle it up or as if sharing it would be a burden to someone, because bottling emotions up; they’re bound to explode one day, it is also important to remember that your feelings and problems matter.

Reported by: Zarrish

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