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BMW Unveils the Exterior of the i4, its First Electric Sedan

A new foundation set up for the company

Luxury German Carmaker recently launched its first electric sedan in the global market. BMW is working on the launch of an all-electric iX SUV and the i4 sedan. The i4 will be lambasted on the road by the end of the year and the company also said that it will also put forward M performance fastest and most powerful model. This venture of BMW set a new foundation for the company and its future success in the global market. 

BMW fans are champing at the bit because BMW aims to have 25 electric cars in its lineup by the end of 2025. German luxury carmaker announced about electric car 4-door model in an annual company conference a couple of days ago with an aggressive drive to serve global markets with modified technologies.

Credit: theverge.com

 The company owner Oliver Zipes discussed the layout of the car that has a power output of 390/ 530 KW per hour from a single motor from 0 to 100km, pledging scale up to 300 miles within four seconds still not as fast as Tesla but it’s a major step to embark in the direction of electric car revolution. According to early testing done by the EPA’S standard test of the company, it covers about 482 km, the BMW i4 can speed up 100km/ hour around four seconds.

Credit: HindustanTimes.com

Along with its luxurious sporty looks, and class that people associate BMW with, it has also satisfied the customers by taking part in the new era of electric cars by environmentally friendly and ensuring sustainability by zero emission of carbon.

BMW also updated its iDrive operating system in version 8 having a new feature of dashboard layout and visual design with two curved screens more specification on the car is yet to be released in the coming weeks. The owner said that the company will grow its construction and selling with internal combustion engines as well as plug-in hybrids and he also adds if there is an increase or no selling of the vehicles in the market, we will stop making cars. The prices of the cars are yet to be revealed, one of the hurdles faced by all-electric car companies is the high production costs ending up being unaffordable to people.   The company reported that by 2023 it aims to sell about 90% of its vehicle in the market and extends 2 million Electronic variable speed by 2025. The i4 will be the famous showcase of BMWs drive into EVs, even though iX3 SUV has already been released in China and Europe. BMW predicts that half of its new vehicles will be fully electric in the future.

Reported By: Zarrish

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