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The wireless headset is a mic drop moment

The best budget-friendly headset for Xbox cuts very few corners Microsoft’s new $99 Xbox Wireless Headset has been a cause of interest worldwide through its compatibility as an Xbox gaming headset as well as your ordinary everyday set of wireless headphones. Through this genius innovation, you can take calls or use audios from different apps simultaneously from your tablet, phone, PC, and your Xbox. Pairing it with any Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console will be relatively easy because it is compatible with the Xbox Wireless Protocol. Even better, it is also compatible with Bluetooth (version 4.2, SBC codec) and can connect through both portals simultaneously! With a mere $99, Microsoft’s latest headset is known for its generous offer of specs. The design is spectacular and adjusts perfectly into the company’s headphone lineup.

The ear cup dials are surrounded by a glossy green outlining covered in matte black plastic. Although the little holes in the recessed areas right between the faux leather ear pads and the dials seem to be present solely for cosmetic purposes, they add to the beauty of this device greatly.

This headset with its excellent design and eye-catching specifics has an easy-to-use dial as well as it supports concurrent wireless connections, the green button pulls double duty, serving as the pairing and power button. There’s an LED on the mic facing your face, indicating that the mic is active, all within a reasonable price of $99. However, if one closely examines the device, we see that it lacks a multifunction button for the regulation of Bluetooth devices. Also, it lacks a 3.5mm jack and it is not compatible with non-Xbox consoles.

The sound performance from the headset is very impressive. To aid listeners, both rotating ear cups have instructions that are simple to comprehend and implement. Moreover, they charge via USB-C, and they also work wired via USB-C to a Windows 10 PC. The headset posses a competitive battery life and range whose charge lasts 15 hours. Microsoft claims it can gain four hours out of a 30-minute charge which is pretty impressive.

Reported by: Ehtisham

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