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Google introduces feature linking Android phones to Chromebooks

This enables Chrome OS users to check their phone’s battery life, reply to texts, locate a device and enable its Wi-fi hotspot.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Chrome OS, Google has launched new and exciting features for Chromebooks. In these new Phone Hub features, the most exciting one is arguable that now an Android phone can be connected to a Chromebook. This enables Chrome OS users to check their phone’s battery life, reply to texts, locate a device and enable its Wi-fi hotspot. 

The Phone Hub comes as a taskbar widget that even enlarges to show the recent Chrome tabs that you opened on your phone, so the need to search for the same respective tabs in your Chromebook again is unnecessary. Google is also giving access to its Wi-Fi Sync feature on additional devices, allowing users to connect to Wi-Fi networks that they’ve already configured and used on their other Chrome devices. 

Credit: trustedreview.com

Among the multiple features introduced, the addition of Nearby Share between Chromebooks and other Android devices is also a significant one. Similar to AirDrop, Nearby Share lets its users send and receive data between devices. This feature is set to launch in a few months. Another feature that stands out is the Screen Capture tool in the Chrome OS Quick Settings menu. These features will enable screen recording and screenshots easily, with quick access in a “Tote” space from the Chrome OS Shelf. There have also been improvements in the Chrome OS so that up to 5 recent items can be posted elsewhere without the need to switch windows. 

Credit: theverge.com

There is also a Launcher Key, which will intend on providing access to the mentioned updated clipboard experience. Quick Answers is also introduced, which allows you to right-click a word in Chrome OS to get its definition, translation, or unit conversion. More handy Chrome OS – Desks features include improvements in the rebooting system. 

When a Chromebook is rebooted, it will now restore all windows to their set virtual desktops, and a right-click at the top of an open window sends apps to a different virtual desktop.

Reported by : Zarrish

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