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France conducting military exercise for space protection

Land Army, French Navy, National Police Force, and now the Space Army? The French Air Army authoritatively turned into the French Air and Space Force on September 11, 2020.

This new and astounding expansion has been settled on by Emmanuel Macron and targets ensuring the nation’s advantage against “unpleasant space players”, as indicated by the French President in his July 13, 2019’s address, furthermore, they are intending to guarantee the opportunity of choice and activity in space, France’s first Defense Space Strategy incorporates plans for the possible weaponization of satellites for self-preservation. Arthur Laudrain clarifies that France’s desire for military space support the objective of supporting ‘key independence’

France conducted the first preparation, bringing together civil and military strategies to protect space. These drills are known as Aster X, after the first French satellite, called “Astérix,” which was launched into space in 1965.

Credit: ndupress.ndu.edu

The space plan has two objectives. The first is to strengthen national decision-making by having improved space operational efficiency. The second goal is to increase the security of national and major Regional space assets, which may include the deployment of onboard lasers for satellite security. The intention to maintain and fund national and European space industrial bases underpins both.

The strategy defines three areas on which the armed forces should focus: organizational clarity, the rule of law, and excellent defense, as previously discussed. In addition to renaming the air force the Air and Space Force to reflect its expanded duties, on September 1st, a Space Command will be created, bringing together all military space-related units.

They will be located in Toulouse, France’s aerospace capital. It takes the place of the Joint Space Command, which was formed in 2010 but suffered from a lack of a single command structure moreover National laws will be changed to grant the armed forces space-operator profile, allowing them to operate satellites autonomously. Until now, the civilian space agency CNES has been mostly responsible for this. In this sense, France asserts its right to use counter-measures or active protection to respond to actions it considers threatening.

Credit: sortiraparis.com

Lastly, Paris says it will stay focused on the Space Treaty and to different fora proposed to encourage ‘acceptable conduct’ in space.

Reported by: Daud

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1 Comment

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