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The first-ever space hotel’ set to open in 2027

In order to recreate gravity levels similar to the moon, Voyager Station will use centrifugal forces and spin like a Ferris wheel

Tired of worldly vacations? Want a change of atmosphere? Well, fear not because Voyager has you covered. The ultimate dream of every space lover is about to come true.

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), a renowned space construction company comprising mainly of NASA veterans, plans on initiating construction on the Voyager Station no later than 2026! According to CNN Travel, the public will only have to wait one more year in order to visit and stay there! 

Credits: cnn.com

According to Travel + Leisure, this incredibly unique Voyager Station will accommodate up to 280 guests, including a restaurant, bar, and gym! The food provided will be a physical manifestation of the atmosphere around them and thus, will fully inculcate galactic notions. They further report that as Voyager opens reservations, it will cost $5 million for a three-day trip. 

One such staple will be freeze-dried ice cream, as reported by The Architectural Digest. Moreover, they report that there are several recreational activities on schedule. One such activity is a basketball game which will allow guests to jump six times higher. 

Credits: robbreport.com

Interesting Engineering reported that in order to recreate gravity levels similar to the moon, Voyager Station will use centrifugal forces and spin like a Ferris wheel! This will ensure that the outward force is exerted on the moving mass, all to create artificial gravity because they certainly don’t want tourists to float away in the infinite abyss of space! Tourists should be prepared for certain changes upon their return to Earth, especially more weightlessness. Any trip to the Voyager Station will not be your normal, every summer vacation. According to The Washington Post, guests will first participate in training camps which will equip them with skills to live in space and allow them to understand the SpaceX Starship shuttle which they will be using for travel.

The company hopes that rates become more reasonable over time. It should eventually cost the same amount as “a trip on a cruise or a trip to Disneyland,” the team told CNN Travel.

Reported by: Ehitsham

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