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Science in ascendancy over Covid-19, says UK’s Johnson

We are still in the fog of war with this disease especially now that we have access to weapons (vaccine) to possibly defeat it.

Is science winning against covid-19? Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in December 2019 the whole world order has been changed and all eyes are on the scientist to find the cure. However, over a year into the pandemic, we are still in the fog of war with this disease especially now that we have access to weapons (vaccine) to possibly defeat it.

UK’s Prime minister Mr. Boris Johnson recently said in his indicate the forthcoming victory of science as new vaccines are being discovered; “The big change is that science is now unquestionably in the ascendancy over the disease and that’s manifested in all sorts of ways, not just through vaccination but also with better therapies,” addressing to the public in a news conference.  The success of the vaccine will prove undoubtedly prove a great victory of science and prove yet again the significance of scientific discoveries.

Vaccines save countless lives every year. Vaccines work by training and making ready the body’s natural defenses — the immune system— to defeat and defend our bodies from the viruses and bacterium they are aimed for. If the body is later exposed to those disease-causing microbes, the body is immediately prepared to recognize and destroy them, preventing us from health problems and complications.

Seven different vaccines across three platforms have been deployed in countries as of 18 February 2021. Vulnerable populations like health care, frontline professionals, and the elderly in all countries are the highest priority for vaccination. It has given hope to people amid these very dark times that had left many people jobless, unable to go to schools or live a normal life.


Along with these seven deployed vaccines an additional 200 vaccine candidates are on their way to burgeon, 60 being in advanced clinical development. Many health and wellness organizations are working to speed up the development of safe and effective vaccines getting full support for their manufacturing. Government and manufacturers all around the world are working to ensure just and equitable allocation of vaccines around the globe.

Even though the world is in dire need of manufacturing Vaccines against COVID-19 and scientists are doing their job in the best way possible, however, vaccines alone are not enough to beat this virus. Therefore, scientists are also working to discover essential new therapies to treat the disease. Health care organizations are calling for randomized clinical trials on a larger scale and further research and studies are being done to track down promising treatments.

The resilience shown by scientists to properly assess the risks and benefits of treatments individually and in combination saving so many lives throughout the world has already been an unquestionable victory for science. We cannot wait for the day we are finally rid of this pandemic and our lives are back to normal with hopes tied to our scientific community and their glory.

Reported By: Daud

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