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MiHoYo and its target of creating a virtual world by 2030

Genshin impact only the beginning of this virtual world

MiHoYo, a Chinese video game developer and animation studio founded in 2012, recently released the “Genshin impact” in late 2020 which has taken over the world like a storm. If you don’t already know, Genshin impact is an action role-playing game that features an open world environment and action-based battle systems. It also uses gacha game monetization for players to keep obtaining new characters, weapons, and other important resources. As MiHoYo describes it, the Genshin impact is simply a “Step into a vast magical world of adventure”.

The Genshin impact was a hit with the fans this year, offering a unique and appealing world with fun gameplay. However, the Genshin impact isn’t all that MiHoYo has planned for the future. Fans of the game are advised to hold onto their hearts because MiHoYo has been planning on creating a virtual world by 2030 which will be something similar to what we’ve already seen in “Ready Player One”. This virtual world will be able to accommodate almost a billion people, which is kind of amazing! Genshin’s impact is a part, or rather, a beginning of this plan. The game earned about $245 billion in its first month of launch and studies show that the mobile version of the game is on a hot seat right now!

Credit: Wikipedia.com

About 2400 people are working at MiHoYo as of now which is a staggering increase compared to the last few years. Cai Hayou, the co-founder of MiHoYo, remarked that the company will be extending its operations to North America and focusing more on artificial intelligence-related research for the future virtual world. He also remarked that the company is working hard to deliver top-notch content to its users which can be seen through the Genshin impact. MiHoYo, according to Cai, doubled its revenue over the prior year, and that too, only through the Genshin impact which is mind-boggling looking at the fact that the game was only launched last year in late 2020. However, looking at the Genshin impact, it’s no surprise that it was such a hit.

The company’s ambitions extend far beyond video games and it can be seen clearly through the efforts of Cai Hayou and his whole team. They aim at creating a world – a “Virtual World” and we are all here for it!

Reported by: Uzair

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