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Volkswagen ID.4 & Tesla Model Y Highway Range Test — A Look Behind The Numbers

Tesla Model Y which has a 75 kWh battery went on a 220 miles Car and Driver highway range test

It is a known fact by every electric car owner that there is a directly proportional relationship between the speed of the car and the battery drainage. This functions on one of the most fundamental basics of aerodynamics- air resistance will have to be overcome in order to push the car through the air and the greater the speed, the greater the wind speed. The new Volkswagen ID.4 First Edition that comes out with a 77 kWh battery and a single motor was taken out on a highway test loop, to discover the car when traveling at 75 mph had a range of no less than 190 miles. The ID.4 had a combined highway/city estimated range of 250 miles according to the EPA. EPA standards also indicate a rating of 8.9 MPGe on the highway whereas Car and Driver measures an actual MPGd of 82 MPGe. In a previous test, a dual-motor.

Credits: cleantechnica.com

 Tesla Model Y which has a 75 kWh battery went on a 220 miles Car and Driver highway range test and scored an MPGe rating of 94. Better than ID.4 right? There’s a catch though. The Model Y test occurred on a day with an ambient temperature of 75° F whereas the ID.4 test was conducted at an outside temperature of 40° F. The Model Y was further away from its highway MPGe rating of 117 and EPA combined range rating of 326 miles. In comparison to the Model Y, this proves that the ID.4 was closer to the EPA estimates in a real-world driving scenario. A closer look at EPA testing protocols reveals that in order to achieve more consistent results, standardized test parameters are essential so as to eradicate variations in temperature. EPA numbers do offer a comprehensive understanding of comparing the benefits and features of different cars however, they do not depict the practical representation of real-world driving. These are applicable to all forms of cars, be it electric or conventional!

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