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New smart glasses by Razer’s, come with built-in speakers but no RGB

Razer seems to be taking the current “way of life” identity very seriously.

Following the success of its Mission Hazel face masks, Razer has unveiled its first pair of glasses, the Razer Anzu. In a pair of surprisingly tame glasses for a company known for adding RGB to all, Razer Anzu brings both blue moderate security for indoors and UVA/UVB safety for outdoor in a pair of surprisingly tame glasses. But hold on, there’s more. That’ll be the dashboard audio system with touch controls, which is built right into the specifications. An omnidirectional microphone and 16mm drivers built right into the body power the open-ear audio design. This audio feature is managed by touch controls on the glasses’ outer frame, which enables you to play, pause, skip and unlock the smartphone attendant. All of this is Bluetooth-connected to your computer.

Credits: pcgamer.com

There’s also an option to “Enable gaming mode,” that’s either some online multiplayer EQ (also effects are described via an Android and iOS app) or a mode that makes the world in Matrices code right in front of your eyes. This audio output is controlled by touch controls on the glasses’ external surface, which enable you to play, pause, skip, and unlock the smartphone assistant. All of this is connected to your device through Bluetooth. The interior battery can last up to 5 hours, according to Razer, after which you’ll need to charge it with the included USB port. This time, there is no RGB lighting. Razer figured out how to put LEDs on a face mask, so what about these smart glasses? No, that’s going too fast. The Anzu’s lenses can be swapped out for indoor or outdoor use, and it’s clad walk-in shower up to IPX4. You don’t want them to get wet in the shower. The glasses are available in two versions and two designs: round and rectangular. The Alight-emitting lenses, sunglass lenses, a pocket, and a charger are all included. You should wear audio glasses when exercising or driving because they push sound through your ears without covering them. The Anzu glasses have an IPX4 rating, which means they can withstand splashes and light trembling. Expect them to be unable to drown out noisy local noises such as a subway platform. The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are available for $200 (£200, €210) starting today. So they’re not cheap, but then again, sunglasses are rarely cheap.

Written by: Uzair

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