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Why Kids need to learn Coding

Adapting to the New World

Credits: Teach Your Kids Code

Teach your kids a little bit of Math and some IF statements and prepare them for the future, that’s exactly what coding is The Universal Language of the Future according to Bill Gates. Coding is understanding and communicating with a computer. It is using your computer’s language, giving it instructions to perform specific functions. Coding allows us to create things such as computer software, websites, apps, video games, basically whatever we can imagine.

Credits: Usnews.com

Understanding coding is a weapon and a superpower we can teach our kids, if our kids understand how to speak code, they will be able to build anything. The world is slipping by and changing fast however one thing that is changing even faster is the world of technology. Innovations, updates, processes, and new methods of doing things appear at every moment.

The new technology of today is changing almost as quickly as fashion one goes and the other comes by. It has become so vital to keep kids up to the minute with these evolving ultra-modern technologies. Just like in our generation and before us, people perceived individuals knowing their way around using phones, laptops, and other tech products as well educated, smart, and were dependent on them. Our next generation will be assessed based on knowing how to build these technologies and coding is an essential part of learning how everything is built.

Credits: teachyourkidscode.com

Introducing your kids to coding will help them gain admiration for how digital technology works. Technology is a huge part of kids’ personal as well as academic lives, as they are surrounded by smartphones, video games, video entertainment, websites, and even robots. Behind all these technologies they use and see everywhere are software and computer programs that are created by coding. 

Like learning about Physics, Maths, and Chemistry, kids need to understand the elementary units of an essential part of their life. Kids need to realize that they can have the superpower that would enable them to create the same magic that happens when they use technology. 


Knowing what happens behind the curtains of modern technology is just one of the benefits of learning to code for kids and students. Many of the other benefits are related to making them learn how to think and develop skills that they will need in the future like computational thinking, using logic, anticipating, avoiding, and solving problems, structural and algorithmic thinking. Hence why parents need to introduce kids to coding and prepare them for the world.

Reported By: Ehtisham

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