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Turns out Apple have many surprises left to present to their audience.

People already going insane over all the I-Products, and now it is said that Apple is currently working on their fully autonomous car, known to be self-driven.

The project is called “titan”.

Doug Field, the senior Vice president of Tesla, is now the leader of the “Project Titan”. This project has been in process since 2014 and according to the officials, the launch date of such an extraordinary invention is to be launched in 2024, but it may be pushed to 2025 due to present Covid-19 conditions.

Credit: mintradefer.gov.tm

Currently, project TITAN is said to be, automated cars used for delivering of groceries or other home deliveries. We don’t know if this decision was made after considering all the public reviews regarding the plan, because believe me, the public is not happy with the no-steering-wheel concept introduced by Apple. They cannot seem to trust an automatic machine with their life; hence, declaring it as a careless act to buy one, that is, except if you got money and want to show it off.

As it is said, Apple is introducing its own batteries on which the car would run. Who knows what they have in mind? Maybe voice recognition? Or transforming into a submarine? What about cars with built-in weaponry? Like the one in “THE INCREDIBLES”, who knows?

What makes this car so special? It is stated that Apple will use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries in its cars. This would be important as it would eliminate cobalt and nickel from the equation, which leads to a reduced cost of the car, as both the chemicals are very expensive. Said by the superior, Ives told the public, that “these batteries could last twice as long for the same price, it changes the whole game for the consumer.”

As far as the prices of this invention are concerned, they are to be unknown as yet.

The coming of such car could be a big competition for car brands like Tesla and other electric vehicle makers. Apple is already considered as a top-rated brand and launching project titan may result in success for the Apple Company as a whole.

We can assume all we want regarding what Apple is onto, but I think self-driven cars are our future of transportation. As the technology is advancing within days anything extraordinary can be expected.

Reported by: Ehtisham

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