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The future of cardiology

The latest state of the art invention, the active implantable total artificial heart, launching soon

On 21st January 2021, The Globally renowned French scientific corporation Carmat explicitly declared its intentions to launch the marketing of its latest state of the art invention, the active implantable total artificial heart (TAH). This brilliant contemporary design built and developed by the immensely diligent hardworking team at car mat imitates the functions of the human heart successfully and meticulously carrying out specific tasks to curb the number of people dying at an exponential rate due to the menace of agonizing heart disease, thus simultaneously evoking hope within the patients for a stark possibility of a longer lifespan.

(Image credits: istock)

The total artificial heart is rather an intricate innovation consisting of an implanted prosthesis supplied with a piece of external equipment including batteries and a hospital care console to monitor the functioning of the heart, stemming from this, this very synthetic device is equipped with 4 biological valves, specifically designed for the purpose of facilitating blood flow. In addition, its two micropumps and inbuilt sensors ensure the adaptability of the heart according to the individual needs.

(Image Credits: https://discoveries.childrenshospital.org/bileaflet-heart-valve/)

This bioprosthetic heart is devised by the French organization, Carmat whose basic purposive approach is to provide cardiologists with innovative technologies that would greatly save lives and improve the quality of life for patients with advanced heart failure. It is indeed a discovery that has set astonishing milestones for future generations as it would greatly lower the escalating demand for heart transplants as well as liberating heart patients from the excruciating pain. one of the greatest advantages of this invention is how each affected individual pertains to live a relatively normal life until the transplant and how there is no need for a tissue match or requirement for any immune drugs. 

(Image Credits: 2018 cpr health.clevelandclinic.org)

This accomplished invention has provided a gleaming ray of hope for doctors and patients around the world who were previously rendered helpless at the growing pandemic of acute heart diseases.

(Image Credits: https://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/ss/slideshow-heart-disease-surprising-causes)

Cover: (Image Credits: 2018 copyright www.genengnews.com)
Reported By: Ehtisham Majeed

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