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Intel Core i9-11900K Stuns in Single-Core Test

The processor receives a nod of approval from Geek bench, wins over AMD Ryzen

Benchmark Testing:

A benchmarking test was run over the Intel Core i9-11900K to evaluate its relative performance and assess its operating systems. This test was run by Geekbench. In the test, it was found that intel core was able to obliterate the offerings of AMD Ryzen.

(Image Credits: videocardz.com)

Single-Core Test Scores:

Specifically in the single-core test, which is important to determine the relative speed for consumers. The single-core test evaluates the processor’s capacity to run operations. By the test performed by Geekbench, it had a single-core score of about 1,905, 1,902, and 1,895.

(Image Credits: videocardz.com)

A Defeat for AMD Ryzen:

AMD Ryzen has been termed as one of the best speed processors but Intel might have beat them to it. Although AMD Ryzen has gone over the 1,800 single-core score many times, its average score happens to be a steady 1,689. Meanwhile, Intel Core was accelerating at far larger rates.

Fastest Gaming Processor:

(Image Credits: Notebookcheck.net)

According to one review, it might be one of the fastest gaming processors ever. It also comes at a lower price than competitors. It has great speeds of about 5.3 GHz. Intel Core i9-11900K has outdone itself with this speed.

An Overheating Problem:

However, according to the reviews, Intel Core still has an overheating problem and it is a challenge that it needs to deal with and improve. Provided appropriate cooling is also available, it has marked itself to be the fastest processor to be existing in the current market.

Cover: (Image Credits: theverge.com)
Reported By: Uzair Ahmed

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1 Comment

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