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Chinese Military Advances!

Fans show enthusiasm for the military’s growing competitiveness

A fan expressed excitement over how the Chinese no longer need to be envious of Russian audiences because their own military is becoming very advanced. A lot of Chinese military fans have been rejoicing over this presumed development. This is demonstrably true. In a recent episode of a Chinese Television, these new military advancements were shown during a training operation.

(Image Credits: newsweek.com)

Four new models of helicopters specialized for an attack were shown flying over the head of the program’s host. Other television programs and journalists were also given permission to exhibit these new developments. In one particular episode, sniper rifles were also shown.

An anonymous military observer pointed how many Chinese military programs have been ongoing with discretion while only selective weapons are being deliberately displayed. The observer informed that some weapons that use a technology that has a great level of secrecy termed as cutting-edge technology are not yet displayed and would not be for the moment.

(Image credits: eng.chinamil.com.cn)

Americans have long shown concern for their vulnerability against China’s growing military powers. According to a research analysis by a California-based organization the Chinese air and land, the defence is rapidly growing and their range and capabilities are putting America in a vulnerable position.

China’s defence budget is currently at $145billion. They have never spent so much on defence up till now. They have grown their military budget at an average rate of 9 percent each year. This has been going on from 2005 to 2014. They also have acquired more ballistic missiles than they have ever have had before. China is becoming independent from its dependence on Russia for arsenal as it makes huge investments to be a bigger competition in the military arena.

(Image Source: https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/chinas-modernizing-military)

According to an American analyst, DF-21D Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile, Chengdu J-20 Fighter, Anti Satellite Weaponry are some of the most dangerous and highest-ranking that the Chinese military owns and can utilize if required in combat with a US army.

Cover: (Image Credits: Global Times)
Reported By: Ali Murtaza

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