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The Thanos of All Apps!

Companies scurry to produce an all-services-available app, the Chinese seem to be leading the charts.

With the rapid advancements in technology and ongoing global pandemic, nearly all data seems to be moving online. Most of us would have noticed our smartphones flooded with even more apps than before. We study online, shop online, socialize online and book meetings online. It is only appropriate to have an app that encompasses most of the essential features required so that our digital lives could become easier. While other countries only envision this to this day, people in China live their day-to-day life very conveniently by only using one app.


WeChat is an app that serves many purposes. It is used for messaging of all sorts, video calls, sharing videos and pictures, social media, online payments, location sharing and those are only some of its features. It’s ever-expanding. Chinese people do not need to go through the trouble of going back and forth in different apps, WeChat, rightfully termed as a super app is able to do it all for them. It has a growing number of over a billion users worldwide. It’s available in about twelve countries but is not as rampantly used outside of China.

Business on WeChat is also rapidly growing. Some entrepreneurs in China starting selling meat and without ever advertising through social media channels, they were able to succeed. The Chinese apps are growing and expanding at a rapid rate. While in the west they face more so regulations, they are able to run freely in China. Tencent created this app as a test project but now like many of their other projects, it has had a gigantic leap. Tencent also surpassed Facebook, its rival social media app, and became the most valuable social media app.

Although it is used commonly in China, whether or not it would be available for other countries or would any of the western companies try to replicate its model is uncertain. A lot of suspicion over this Tencent was expressed by the former president, Donald Trump, who also tried to ban Tiktok. Tiktok also happens to be a Chinese based app. WeChat does not provide end-to-end encryption, they cannot ensure the privacy of the user. They are also liable to provide any data The Chinese Communist Party asks of them.

Reported By: Zarrish Ahmed

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