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The Fantasy Game Series’ Epic Finale

It has been a long ride but we have landed on a monumental climax!

Great news for game enthusiasts that enjoy indulging in broad and immersive storylines; Final Fantasy XIV is being launched now on PlayStation five. An open beta will be made available to the Ps5 by the thirteenth of April. This expansion has been much anticipated among the fans and would be bringing promising changes and interesting developments.

(Image credits: store.steampowered.com

Final Fantasy has always held complex hate that I love you sort of back-and-forth relationship with gamers and game critics. According to one review of the game, it is one of the long role-playing games that require a lot of investment of time and energy and in the process of progressing into the story, one can get exhaustively bored. However, its storyline has an engaging plot with melodramatic sequences that can rope in one’s intention and keep the gamer hooked to the screen. There was a time in 2010, when Final Fantasy XIV which is much cherished now, received a lot of criticism from critics as well as the gaming community. So much so that the producers and creators decided to shut down the further expansion of the game. However, in 2013, it was relaunched with modifications with the name Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn.

(Image Credits: wccftech.com)

Like any long-standing tradition of role-playing games, it has developed a steady following of gamers that have taken part in the game’s growth spending hundreds of hours in developing immersive story plots that keep one hooked. Specifically, the expansion, Shadowbringers was a rollercoaster of a ride for the gamers. The players that had been indulgent in the steadily growing storyline now found themselves with several years of meaningful character arcs that had led them to a decisive, significant place in the storyline. This was compared to Marvel’s Endgame of fantasy gaming series, with years of development of characters with their individual plots and their convoluting storylines tying together into one massive climax.

(Image credits: playstation.com)

However, for one that has not been around for the decades of developing story, Shadowbringers was rather confusing and complex. Now the new expansion is also coming up with an additional setup plot with the name, Endwalker. This subplot between Hydaelyn and Zodiark’s tale would be a premise that newbies might be able to indulge in and enjoy as well. Moreover, the withstanding audience would be more than welcome to enjoy this exciting premise. The trailer provided was in clear 4k resolution, the game developers have promised faster rates of loading and enhanced adaptation. The beta version would be also provided to Ps4 enrolled users with no expense.

Cover: (Image Credits: wccftech.com)
Reported by: Ali Murtaza

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