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The Debut of Mercedes matchless 56-inch OLED; ‘HyperScreen’

The infotainment system is the heart of every new car and Mercedes-Benz didn’t fail to excite people with their 56- inch curved touchscreen: ‘Hyperscreen’, taking the entire width of the dashboard from one end to the other.

Hyperscreen is an optional upgrade to upcoming electric cars making your experience more luxurious. Voice-controlled MBUX, ‘Mercedes- Benz User Experience’, software with OLED screen adapts to driver’s behavior. It is like having a digital assistant that makes suggestions for a car’s function and entertainment choices by means of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

According to Mercedes, AI enables MBUX to calculate the operator’s desire by taking note of repetitive practices and later suggesting them accordingly. Moreover, these functions are not only limited to the inside of a car, as the system can store the information about the road’s quality and automatically respond accordingly to steep driveways and speed bumps.

The 56-inch curved OLED display is backed with 8 CPU cores, 46.6GB per second of RAM memory bandwidth, 24 gigabytes of RAM, and 12 actuators for haptic feedback (touch technology through vibrations). With the use of a light sensor and camera, brightness is automatically adjusted to the optimal settings.

This exciting new feature allows separate displays for the front passenger and driver, ensuring a memorable experience every time. The screen is not only made of scratch-resistant aluminum silicate but is double-coated, to make for easier cleaning and reduced reflections. Along with that the screen also features real, non-digital air vents.

This eagerly awaited system debuts in the following year on the Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan.

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