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Hitman 3 is Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of 2021!

It is the last game of the World Assassination trilogy. It is said to be released on 20th January 2021 but is already gaining a lot of hype. IO Interactive has said to be gotten to great length to make a game bigger and better than the previous ones with fancier reflections and a smaller install size around 100GB. People can pre-order this game but for the diehard Ian Hitman fans, a deluxe edition is available with a digital soundtrack, artbook, and director’s commentary.

According to IO Interactive, the game has 6 precisely detailed locations with the opening being held in Dubai where the mighty Burj Khalifa can be seen in its entirety. Agent 47 is seen scaling around the skyscraper to eventually smash a window and infiltrate a party.

The rest you’re gonna have to play on your own to find out. The second location is a bit more intriguing, held in Dartmoor, England. A grisly murder takes place and our trusty Ian Hitman has to find the culprit. It’s like living in an Agatha Christie novel, winking at all you mystery novel enthusiasts out there. Despite the previous launches, players will have access to all 6 locations when it launches. Over 20 levels will be available, in total.

A first for the series is – drum roll please- A Virtual Reality Experience!
Now, you can experience all the action from a first-person’s perspective. The game will only work on PSVR Headsets by Sony and IO Interactive claims it doesn’t support Playstation’s Move Controllers. In addition to the 6 new locations, fans can also play the imported levels from the previous Hitman games in VR.

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