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Scientists claim to have detected Radio Emissions from an Alien World!

Scientists for the first time have detected radio emissions from a planet beyond our sun orbiting a different star! The astronomers behind this research have reportedly used a radio telescope in the Netherlands to study three different stars.

These stars are known to host exoplanets. The researchers compared what they saw to observations of Jupiter, diluted in a way that a star is seen millions of light-years away. One of the star systems stood out: Tau Boötes, which contains at least one exoplanet. If this research does hold up it could possibly help with a better understanding of the magnetic fields of exoplanets.

“We present one of the first hints of detecting an exoplanet in the radio realm,” Jake Turner, an astronomer at Cornell University said, however turner and his colleagues aren’t ye entirely sure that the signal was, in fact, coming from the planet.

The research is already available to read online and will be published on paper in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

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