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Samsung S21 Ultra; Breaking Records!

The wait is over for Android Users. Samsung Galaxy 21, 21s, Ultra with some new Ear Buds are expected to arrive early next year!

According to ‘Android Police’ three teaser videos were released originally by Samsung. It could be taken into consideration as ‘the OnLeaks renders’ news which was released before this news in October, fit like a puzzle to the videos.

As much as we want we cannot obtain much from the teaser but they make it obvious what to anticipate from the outlines of the new phones. A smooth aerodynamic camera that molds into the sides of the phone with 3 cameras in Galaxy 21 and 21s but the Ultra has 5 cameras, what seems like a periscope zoom lens, figured out from a square shape.

The trio includes a 5G Network. Galaxy 21 and 21s have a flat-screen but Ultra has a bend seen in the videos meaning it has a curved screen!

Excellent processors of Snapdragon888 and Exynos2100 with a long-lasting battery life of 4000mAh, 4800mAh, and 5000mAh. The Screens are no less than 6.2, 6.7, and 6.8 inches! The standard galaxy 21 has a regular plastic back not glass-like the rest.

Allegedly Samsung 21 Ultra has the brightest screen yet,1600 nits and it refreshes all the way down to 1 Hz. Although no integrated slots in the phone itself but S Pen Stylus is given, the Ultra has claimed to have updated to a 108 MP camera sensor. Two telephoto lenses one at 10x optical the other at 3x optical each containing large pixels to gather more light than previous zooms. The main camera has said to be 12 MP.

Galaxy 21 may be shipped without earbuds and a charger, this phone could be quite costly.

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