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gran Turismo 7, project athia, deathloop, and ghost wire all set to release exclusively only for pS5 in 2021!

Ps5 posted an article announcing the release of Gran Turismo 7 around 2021 and mentioned that it will be Ps5 exclusive. Not so long ago a commercial was displayed regarding the next-generation console, showing several forthcoming exclusives, within them was listed Polyphony simulation digital racer, with a text stating that the game is to release in 2021, that text however was altered to one telling us that the game is in development for Play station.

Developed by Luminous productions, Project Athia is the brand new name for Fantasy creators Square Enix. Details of the game were received from Sony’s presentation of Ps5 games and is a huge blow for Xbox as this game shall remain Ps5 exclusive for 2 years that is 24 months. This puts Xbox series X at a short-hand for RPG games because not long ago they were snatched off rights of Final fantasy 16 as well from Sony. The game’s writing is being worked under Gary Whitta who was also the writer of Star Wars Rogue One, he states that he’s working alongside a team of skilled movie, games, fantasy writers to bring about the best.

In the same Sony announcement video, it was also revealed that two of Bethesda’s games, Death loop, and ghost wire will also be Ps5 exclusive. This is ironic as Bethesda is Xbox owned and yet these games come first for PlayStation exclusively.

Death loop, a work of Arkane Lyon contains two assassins stuck on an island, in order to return they must destroy 8 targets, the arrival of this game was announced in 2019, but now it shall exclusively release for Ps5 and PCs only for 12 months on 21 May 2021.

Ghost wire was also announced in the same year, featuring most of the population vanishing due to supernatural beings. Ikumi Nakamura creative designer for this game resigned midway for unknown reasons but the game production continued, the release date for this one is still in mist but two things are for sure, this will be Ps5 and PC exclusive for a while, and two that it’ll surely release around 2021.

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