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Make Earth Habitable again! Do we have any hope?

Technological advancements are taking us far and wide but what’s more important is to determine how we would live on an uninhabitable Earth.

91% of the people are subjected globally to levels of pollution hazardous to their health. According to WHO, nine out of ten people breathe in air filled with harmful pollutants. While 4.6 million people die each year due to air pollution. It is 80% the cause of asthma and 40% for ischaemic heart disease.

So where it’s all coming from?

•The Age of Industrialisation caused much advancement for mankind but the deterioration of Earth began from there.  

•Rapid urbanization started from there and has been ongoing. Urbanization causes quite the crowd in cities and a heap of pollution.

•Industries releasing chemicals in the air and water without the consideration of those on land and the ones in water, deforestation and forest fires are just some of the reasons.

So what if adequate steps were not taken to change this?

We would soon have a foggier sky, an air we won’t able to breathe in, melting of glaciers, and eventually, Sun would be blocked completely which would directly inhibit agriculture. Not to forget water pollution which poses a direct threat to completely wipe out marine life.

Where do we stand?

In 2015, 35% of global deaths due to air pollution occurred in Asia. This situation is particularly bad in developing countries. Bangladesh is ranked first as the most polluted country in the world according to a report by IQ Air Quality Index and Pakistan second.

Each year the smog condition in Lahore worsens. The problem of smog in Lahore is high because of the increasing emissions of vehicles and from industries. The vehicles not being kept in check and using old engines adds up to air pollution. While the Lahore Garbage Management Waste Company slacks off and 9,000 tons of daily waste is pretty much unkempt. Noise pollution is often trivialized but it is also significant and rampant in the masses.  

Administrative steps taken in the proper direction are crucial at this point.

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