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China powered up its ‘Artificial sun’ which can produce heat, hotter than the sun’s core!

Beijing, China made a breakthrough development on Friday when it finally powered up its nuclear fusion reactor knows as the “Artificial Sun”.

Known as the HL-2M, this reactor is China’s biggest and most advanced nuclear reactor situated in southwestern Sichuan province, with its completion a year ago the reactor is more commonly called the artificial sun due to the immense energy it emits.

What’s special about this reactor is that it makes use of strong magnetic fields in order to fuse hot plasma, reaching a maximum temperature of 150 million degree Celsius, a point which is around 10 times hotter than the Sun and its core.

This is China’s huge leap towards a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and clean source of energy. Moreover chinse scientists have been involved in manufacturing smaller versions of this reactor since 2006, with hopes of aiding in the project known as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, which is apparently the world’s largest-scale nuclear fusion project in France for research. That project is assumed to reach its completion by 2025.

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