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ISRIB; An Anti-Aging Drug!

Immortality might not be such an inconceivable concept anymore!

University of California San Francisco provided a study where the cognitive ability of mice was studied under the influence of an experimental drug, ISRIB.

The abilities related to youth were restored in old mice. Traits of old age like reduced immunity and mental capability were shown to be reduced by the usage of this drug. There was an enhancement in cells assisting in immune systems. According to the study, memory loss in regards to old age was also seen to be reduced in the mice.

It appears that this drug has the ability to inhibit the integrated stress response (ISR).

Peter Walter, a Ph.D. professor in UCFS stated that the reduced capabilities due to age were earlier assumed to be due to a loss that is permanent. However, this loss might not be permanent but actually reversible because the reason for the physiological blocking caused by aging might be due to some sort of cellular stress and the effect of this drug is directly influencing this stress to be reduced or inhibited.

Earlier studies in laboratories have also reported this drug to be able to reverse the integrated stress response in Down’s Syndrome. Studies in mice about Down’s Syndrome were able to determine that activation of integrated stress response fuels DS. Hence the reversal can help diminish the influence of the intellectual disability.

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