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Man on Mars!

Elon Musk won an Axel Springer Award on Tuesday and had a web interview with the company where he discussed in length his plans in regards to sending crews on Mars. He showed faith in the ability of SpaceX to be able to send an uncrewed Mars flight in about two years and crewed flights might be possible by 2026. Perhaps even 2024 but he reiterated that the possibility is dependent on them getting lucky.

Elon also stated that his aim is to make sure that life becomes habitable for human beings on Mars and that they are able to send a lot of people on Mars. He also has often shared his desire to actually be buried on Mars.

The reason for speculations in spans of two-year gaps is due to how flights are dependent upon planetary orbits aligning which happens in the span of about two years. Elon Musk also states how he finds it crucial to have a self-sustaining city on Mars as early as possible.

Mr. Elon is also the CEO of Tesla and gave his opinions about terrestrial travel. He also stated how he believed all cars would possibly have complete autonomy and electric cars are our future.

However many criticize these missions to be short-sighted. According to Nathan Robinson of The Guardian, it is utter disposal and waste of resources that could be used to improve the earthly conditions and solve the problems of mankind.

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