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Life on Mars; More evidence has come to light

Curiosity Rover, the most technologically advanced rover ever built was sent to Mars by the Mars Science Laboratory on the mission to determine whether this planet is or ever was habitable to microbial life.

November 5th, 2020, reports were published in Scientific Reports by the researchers at Cornell University, Jackson State University, the Jet Propulsion University, and the University of Hawai. According to this, giant wave-shaped features called Megaripples were found which are evidence of ancient floods in Gale Crater billions of years ago. This is significant because the Megaripples are quite similar in appearance to features that appeared on Earth after the melting of ice millions of years ago.

“We identified megafloods for the first time using detailed sedimentological data observed by the rover Curiosity. Deposits left behind by megafloods had not been previously identified with orbiter data,” stated co-author, Alberto G. Fairén:

By far the curiosity rover discovered:

· Pebbly rocks that justify the existence of old streambeds. Hence rivers or lakes existed in Gale Crater for about a million or so years ago.

· The right ingredients for life; sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and carbon were also discovered. Possible mineral and not too much salt from a sample also suggested that drinkable, freshwater once existed there.

· Organic carbon, the building block of life was found in Mars rocks as well as active methane in Mars’ atmosphere which can be the result of production by living beings or result of chemical reactions between salt and water.

· However radiations that pose risk to human life were also discovered by the Curiosity Rover. One is galactic cosmic rays(GCRs) and the other is solar energy particles(SEPs).

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