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Red Dead now a standAlone game!

According to an announcement red dead online which is the multiplayer version of a very famous game Red dead redemption 2 was only available for people who had ownership of the base game are on track to receive a stand-alone version from 1 December.

Everything comes with a price and according to Rockstar, this change will cost around the US $5(~RM 20) which is nearly 15 % of what it regularly costs. Nevertheless, the price is expected to go up to US$20( ~RM82) by Feb 2021, occupying a space of 123 GB. The fact that you’ll become eligible to purchase Red dead online even though you haven’t bought the base game from either epic game store or steam makes it very Convenient for many

This change is also linked to the game’s bounty hunter expansion which is expected to probably increase the game’s audience.

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