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How surprising is PS5’s position as a part of the 100 best inventions of 2020?

The largest-ever gaming console has numerous different advancements that help aid it to make up for the title. The size, at about a foot, is relevant because that is what helps it run major titles like ‘ Spider-Man: Miles Morales’. Games load almost instantaneously, and the new and improved graphics processor has sped up by 10x (than the PS4), making the graphics visually appealing and the processing smooth as butter!

Another added dimension to this beauty is the haptic feedback sensors. When Spiderman grips a subway car, players feel the railway rumble, when a character walks on sand players feel the grit, all of this is possible through that one controller.

To put it all in one sentence it truly is a majestically powerful device that has earned its way on that list.

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