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3 successful ways of doing e-commerce startup business

You’ve surely heard “E-commerce is the future”, no doubt if the profits of a business are done right, online, are enormous. For new entrepreneurs establishing fresh startups here’s a small three option guide to a rocking start.

The first most conventional, but complicated method is traditional and hard, but if done right, profits are substantial. In this method, the startup Manager buys a domain and sets up his own online store, displays his products on social media in the most attractive way possible, and advertises them according to the trend. You need to establish a connected payment gateway and utilize SEO to acquire traffic and audience on your online.

Additionally, you require a limited number of employees or personal like a graphic designer to make your page look stunning and catchy, a web designer to handle all the complications of forming an online store, and SEO experts to ensure your website receives a high spot on Google search results. You may face obstacles in the start but as soon as you grasp a good audience, business booms.

Then there’s the option of Selling on Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. The procedure of selling your goods on Amazon can be categorized into six groups
Hunting for the product, sourcing the product, listing its creations, and finally Rating, Optimization, and Marketing. Elaboratively first you find a product that is high in demand and less in competition to sell, the second step is finding a supplier for that product, suggestively Alibaba.com, since it’s rating, are less costly, after which you will need some logistic chain to deliver that product to Amazon’s warehouse, after which you will receive a producing list, make sure to use keywords and best quality pictures to ensure maximum attraction of your product.

Third, the most profitable option is to sell on Alibaba.com, which is very much different in comparison to Amazon as it follows C2C/B2C modal whereas Amazon follows B2B service. If you wish to buy a pillow from Alibaba it would hardly be possible as some stores there have a minimum order quantity (MOQ).

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