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Spider Man’s heir just dropped and it looks amazing

Spiderman miles morales dropped November 12th, for PlayStation five and PlayStation four. The second addition is Sony’s new endeavor in the Spiderman franchise.

Making it a spiritual successor to Sony’s former game (Spiderman 2018), unlike the previous installment, we follow the young African American teen, Miles morales. This time it’s his turn to wear the iconic red suit.

Miles has all of spidey’s signature powers just with the added benefit of him being able to turn invisible to evade threats, coupled with the games already excellent movement mechanics, makes moving through new york city a playful yet responsive experience, building on the previous game in the series by adding more movement mechanics and giving Miles an impeccable sense of style and swagger.

Releasing on the ps5 gives users the latest taste of Sony’s “Haptic Feedback” so players can feel every “swoosh” and swing in Miles’s web-swinging. Giving it a more polished and even enhanced feel compared to “Spider-Man 2018”.

Aside from the technical upgrades to the game, critics also enjoy the improved combat systems.

The whole going invisible thing, well turns out it makes for fun combat encounters, who would’ve thought.

The Guardians, Keith Stuart regarding the combat exclaimed “Once you get the hang of things, combat feels balletic, as you spin, glide and wall jump around your foes.”

The game dropped at positive reception from critics but some gamers argued that the game was too short to be considered a full release, clocking in at 11 hours compared to the previous installment, averaging out about double the time, at 20.

The game still fresh on release, so we here at evolution will let the users decide,
Is spiderman miles morales a good addition to the franchise or is it just a repackaged game with a shiny new coat of paint?

That’s for you to decide.

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