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Can I become a successful young Entrepreneur? The answer is “YES” and here’s how.

‘What it takes to be an entrepreneur?’ a question thousands of students ask themselves thinking to be successful one day. Zack Leitz, the 24-year-old co-founder, and chief operating officer of Modl Outdoors sat down with Jessica Abo and talked about his journey.

He answers questions related to the formation and on-going objectives of his business, how his friends helped him achieve success, and also the advice he would give to young entrepreneurs.

When asked about his company he replied ‘Modl Outdoors is a flexible design company We take essential items that you probably carry with you every day…we turn them into flexible, multifunctional products that adapt to you and your everyday life..’ He further mentions that he started the company with two of his friends from college; they all had just one dream and that was to go big and bold.

To our amuse he also talked about the ideation of a successful company where he signifies the importance of taking RISKS and doing adventures. And to get to an even better place than before he always use to take one thing into notice and that was, as he quoted, ‘we tried to connect ourselves and surround ourselves with some folks who had a much better idea than we did about how to move forward and make progress in this space’.

To sum the whole talk up. He, directing at young entrepreneurs, said ‘there is some sort of pressure to spend our twenties chasing expensive job titles, chasing pay raises. But spend that time learning as much as you can about the world, as much as you can about yourself and the role that you want to play in the world. Because at the end of the day, we have one very short life’.

Only a few highlights of the interview are mentioned above, if you want to watch the entire interview it is easily available on ‘entrepreneur.com’

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