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Iran may have enough Uranium for a nuclear weapon

Is Iran about to build a nuclear bomb?

It is likely so, after the US successful assassination of Qasim Sulemani, the Iranian government made it clear they will no longer be following most of the clauses of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a 2015 treaty setting restrictions on uranium enrichment and production with the purpose of containing global nuclear proliferation.

Even though Iran isn’t completely negating the treaty and allowing International Atomic Energy Agency to observe its enrichment sites, it refuses to recognize restrictions on the number of uranium centrifuges it runs, levels of uranium enrichment, and the quantity of enriched uranium held in its stockpiles.

As per the 2015 treaty, Iran was limited to enriching 3.7% of uranium and storing 300 kilograms of it needed for running its industries for energy and electricity. However, on Sunday the country announced stepping up its enrichment percentage to 4.5% which is still less than 90% required to build a bomb, Kimball also states that enrichment levels of 20% which is another step closer to 90%.

To this end Iran would require a lot of new centrifuges, Centrifuges allow scientists to liberate two uranium isotopes because isotope weighing more than, uranium-238—is forced to the exterior of the repeatedly spinning machine whilst uranium-235 assembles in the middle. By redoing this process, again and again, scientists can convert concentrations of uranium-235 from a mere 1 percent to above 90 percent.

To this end, Pimpernel states that Iran has started to manufacture swifter, advanced uranium centrifuges. The issue of compressing all of this in a missile seems to already have been solved by Iran as before the 2015 treaty was imposed it was rumored the missile dragon was already finalized. Iran is probably not rushing towards building a nuclear bomb but researchers estimate if they tried to, they could prepare one in a time period of one year and two to three months.

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