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Samsung takes top place in the Indian market overtaking Xiaomi

Samsung takes top place in Indian Market overtaking Xiaomi

Since the release of Galaxy S3 eight years ago, Samsung has been ruling the Indian mobile market.

However, with the appearance of Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Realme, the South Korean giant registered declining shipments along with the top five brands. In the second half of 2017, Xiaomi had the biggest sales of smartphones in India instead of Samsung and up till now, it has been the number 1 selling smartphone brand.

Samsung increased its market share in India from 16.19% in September to 19.85% following only 30 days. The company’s performance improved even more drastically in November when its shares increased to 21.08%.

Along with market shares, an immense increase is noted in Samsung’s online influence as it leaped 10.3% online market shares in September to 18.77% in November, but as its online influence increased, Samsung lost its firm hold in offline spaces to Vevo. Vivo has a share of 16% in the smartphone market and then Realme with a share of 11% and oppo with 9%. Mobile phones in India have gotten more expensive with the increase in GST taxes. Samsung faced monetary lapses in its position in the Indian mobile market as Xiaomi and Vivo took over the affordable to mid-premium tiers of the smartphone industry, forcing Samsung to take measures to cope with the increasing competition.

In successful attempts, Samsung shifted its M-series to the budget segment while rearranging the A series in the mid-segment. To increase and maintain sales as well as market shares, companies are introducing new features with every new release, from fast charging to flip phones, the
mobile market is making great advances. Samsung released new and enhanced features through the marketing of the M and A series which was a great success and leading to this top position that Samsung has retained in India.

It is interesting to note, however, that Samsung has been a great player in the Indian market for nearly 2 decades whereas its competitors are fairly new in comparison which gives it an advantage of user trust and thus elevates it above all others.

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