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Mercedes vision AVTR, an alien that moves without a steering

A car whose concept took two years to sketch on paper is the physical representation of our future. Environmental friendly, with zero diesel consumption AVTR, is fully electronic. To supplement its outlandish concept it was fitted with spheres instead of wheels which allow it to rotate 30° enabling it to “crab ” sideways. Each sphere is fitted with a top featured motor which gives it a power equivalent to 479bhp.

When we stated environment friendly we did not only mean in terms of pollution but also AVTR is completely made of infrequent earth metals such as cobalt and lithium, making it 100% recyclable.

According to the statistics, this Mercedes will completely charge itself within 15 minutes, promising to advance at least 450 miles, before entirely being replenished.
Will you drive this car like all others?

Staggeringly no. This car can be driven from both left and right and comes without a staring, instead, it is replaced by a button between the two seats, where you place your hand and move it forward, backward, rotate it, or steer it accordingly. When you place your hand you connect yourself with the car, unlike all others, this car has an AI of its own, it feels your heartbeat and stimulates it thoroughly out itself, with a touch of digital technology icons are projected on your hand and you can simply select what you want to see on the screen in front of you by clutching your fist.

It further comes with 33 multidirectional bionic flaps on its rear acting as solar panels, and aerodynamical instruments, indicating the traffic behind you whether you’re accelerating forward or backward, by moving systemically up and down.

This 100 kilowatt per hour battery pack car will cost around $67,900 and will soon be in your markets within 2020!

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