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Starlink closer to providing cheap internet worldwide

A launch delay on Thursday due to a small technical issue was corrected, enabling a successful launch of SpaceX’s 60 Starlink satellites.

On Saturday, October 24, A SpaceX Falcon 9 took to the stars from Cape Canaveral with another batch of Starlink satellites, marking the company’s 100th successful launch. The now thrice-flown Falcon 9 booster lifted off, carrying its payload of 60 satellites to orbit.

The individually stacked Starlink satellites were released 63 minutes into the flight. Following stage separation, the booster began returning to Earth, successfully touching its autonomous drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Yesterday’s launch came hot on the heels following another successful Starlink launch from Kennedy Space Center’s LC-39A on October 18.

With today’s launch, SpaceX’s Starlink internet service moves closer to a public launch, with a new total of 895 Starlink satellites having taken to orbit.

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 11:31 a.m. Eastern. The rocket’s upper stage deployed the payload of 60 Starlink satellites into orbit 63 minutes after liftoff.

To this end, SpaceX did not fail to boast at the federal communications commission on the excellent reliability rate of Starlink satellites, stating successful flight of 300 Starlink satellites without failure.

Concludingly, SpaceX landed the booster about eight minutes after launch on the drone ship called Just Read the Instruction, already waiting in the Atlantic Ocean, marking the third flight for this rocket’s first-stage. SpaceX wasn’t attempting to catch the fairings for this launch but will retrieve them after they land in the water.

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