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iPhone 12 Pro Max: A new realm for pro photographers

What elevates iPhones over Samsung?

The majority believe their cameras. The iPhone 12 Pro has a 12-megapixel triple-lens camera that consists of a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens.

The iPhone 12 Pro has a 4x optical zoom range and a 10x digital zoom range, while the iPhone 12 has a 2x optical zoom and a 5x digital zoom.

To make it even more advanced, the company ensured it takes 3 to 5 seconds for the camera to focus, introducing a new advanced modified feature of night mode Portrait that gives us enough light and detail that is hardly realistically possible.

With the extra power of IOS14, preparing a batch of hundred pictures or airdropping to another device, cropping and adjusting a 4k video without long rendering times, and processing long time lapses have also been improved and enabled.

The ISP and Neural Engine improvements on iPhone 12 mean that they can now use Deep Fusion and Smart HDR 3 on all cameras. And, of course, on the iPhone 12 Pro, they also handle LiDAR integration for autofocus and even Night Mode portraits now.

This means that at one time, you could have a dozen layers of image processing, depth maps, segmentation maps, tone mapping, and data from multiple sensors all firing off and being processed in the space of one shutter press.

The great thing is that you can take advantage of the entire tech from across the camera system on any lenses – portrait mode, night mode, HDR, works on the front and rear cameras. The combination of this entire tech is pictures that are impressive time and time again.

Colors are intense, images crisp, and although the Portrait mode algorithms can still be a little aggressive at times, considerably better than they’ve previously been, although edge detection isn’t the best out there. And switching between the two cameras isn’t noticeable.

Everything matches. It’s one seamless experience.

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